Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, extreme softnessl. Abundant and compact foam. Aluminium handle.

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Shaving Brush fine rate "Silvertip" with handle in aluminum and chrome plated with black coating.

  • "Badger's hair is the best you can get for a perfect face soaping".

Features and Peculiarities

  • Softness: Among this brush's main features there is undoubtedly its softness;
  • Elasticity: Thanks to its characteristics of elasticity and finesse, yo needs just a very slight massage to get a huge amount of foam;
  • Shape: It's tuft's flared shape, once fixed to the handle, nakes the brush able to keep a large amount of water, and then the soap "it mounts" more easily and in abundance;
  • SilvertipThe "flared" shape that is given to the tuft, once fixed to the handle, causes the brush to keep a large amount of water, and therefore the soap "mounts" more easily and in abundance; equipped with support in Pet that allows you to store it at its best once used.

How to use at its best

The following suggestions will allow you to get the best results possible and to keep your brush performing and longlasting:

  • The first use: Keep your brush immersed in hot water, in the way to soften the bristles;
  • While using it: Avoid to force the brush on the skin while soaping, it could cause damages to the bristles, and the brush would become useless shortly;
  • After: rinse the brush and be attentive to delete every soap's residue.
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