Absinthe Men's Face Defense Cream

Men's Absinthe Defense Face Cream is a man's cream that protects and moisturizes. It makes the skin visibly healthier and smoother, purified from excess sebum while rebalancing those particularly shiny areas of the face.

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A cream shield’s concept which gives comfort and protection to the skin: it is characterized by rapid absorption, practicality and multi-functionality, in full compliance with the male’s skin balance. A caress that does not lose its vigor and effectiveness.

A light emulsion that mimics and recreates the natural structure of the skin, thanks to the unique oil / liquid crystal structure.

Long lasting moisturizer, it improves the absorption of active substances and helps to counteract irritation phenomena, improving skin resilience (see shaving).

Enriched with phytosterols and glycogen, it can be almost defined a non-oil emulsion that blends with the skin and reveals the unique touch of liquid crystal trapped in the third internal phase.


How to use

  • Wash your face well with warm water;
  • Take a small amount, as big as a hazelnut;
  • Warm it up between your hands and apply it to your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck;
  • Massage following the Langer Lines, starting from the center to the outside and from the bottom upwards;
  • Continuing the massage it facilitates absorption.

 Apply preferably on morning or evening;

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