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About Us


Solomon’s Beard comes from the desire of creating an italian brand for those who make beard their lifemate. Thanks to our 30 year experience as artisans barbers, we were able to transmit the culture of using the traditional method on men’s look. Since 2002 our salon Barber Shopcrew represent a point of reference for those who search that special care which makes the men’s style unique, whether it’s hair, or beard.

Our goal, after dozens of beard’s products tests, was to create a line of natural products which was different from the others, unique in their kind, able to take care of beard and able to meet the needs also of the most demanding beardmen: that’s the reason why we decided to develop our “SOLOMON’S BEARD”! Thanks to the collaboration with an artisan Lab and through dialogue with experts on complete natural product’s creation, Solomon’s Beard enhances the personality of the man who wear the beard for culture, with love.

Chi Siamo - Paolo Salomone


The desire not to stop, not to give up on difficulties. This is the principle that has motivated us, since the beginning of our business in 2002, to bring our business in 2002, to bring our knowledge to the professional Italian beard-care world. A heritage of history and tradition that we did not want to lose. We keep it with us every day in n uninterrupted way of research and innovation. The brand Solomon’s has become “big”: after a phase of evolution and growth we decided to tell it as it deserved. We have chosen King Solomon to synthesize our soul: wisdom and charisma, the metaphor of attention and care that we put into the selection of our products. A red thread that crosses all our lines and that makes the Solomon’s concept stronger, forward-looking it into the future. Ready to face all the challenges that await us. Solomon’s is synonymous with care for the beard and hair, but it tells a lot about a specific lifestyle: for this reason we think of all our projects in respect on the environment, with the idea of transferring to those who choose us the uniqueness of each product.


The selection of essences and natural elements, required to cure, preserve and beautify the beard was accured: the choice of black pepper, vanilla, mixed with woody essences, papaya and cupacu, makes these products unique and indispensable for “Beardmen”.


Our oil-based shampooes are hypoallergenic; used in small quantities it is self-extinguishing: that denotes their delicacy and their totally chemical aggressive substances’s lack. Solomon’s Beard encloses the style, the taste and the authenticity of the true Made in Italy product.
Chi Siamo - Eliseo Salomone

Solomon's Barbershop

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